graphic novel

Hello, I’m Gabriella and welcome to Graphic Novels Blog. 

Since I read my first graphic novel, this category of books has become my favorite. 

I’m also a great lover of art and drawing and, reading graphic novels, I found out how much power the illustrations were able to give to the story. A force that immediately brings you into them, forgetting everything else.

I think graphic novels are really pieces of art

With wonderful drawings, they tell stories of cultures and events that have marked the course of time but also of people who, in this world, have decided to make a great contribution. 

In this blog, you will not find classic reviews that tend to exalt or criticize books. I believe that the judgment of a newly read book is very subjective and often depends on the context and the moment in which it is read.

In Graphic Novels Blog, I want to tell you about books just read (without spoilers), to invite reading and providing some bonus content to enrich it. I believe that each of us should take the time to discover new readings without prejudice.

Enjoy your reading