Best non fiction Books of all Time

best non fiction books

What are the best nonfiction books? This question does not have a single answer. In this post, I want to share my best nonfiction books of all time, the ones that allowed me to discover incredible stories, and to approach life in a different way, more consciously. This is my list of the best non fiction books, and in particular graphic novels, which in my opinion should be read and recommended.

Best non fiction Books of all Time

My best non fiction Books of all time



The first graphic novel is Maus by Art Spiegelman, graphic novel winner of the Pulitzer prize.  In Maus, Art Spiegelman tells the story of the Holocaust through the experience of his father. The genius of this graphic novel is enclosed in the representation of the characters in animals. And so, Art Spiegelman decided to draw the Jews as mice, the Germans as cats, the Americans as dogs and the Poles as pigs. Genius. For more information, check out the post entirely dedicated.



Graphic novel autobiographical, conceived and illustrated entirely by Marjane Satrapi.  She describes her story from childhood to the age of 24, telling us how her life was strongly influenced by the events of the Islamic revolution in Iran. An intense book full of significant insights that also turned it into an animated film in 2007. Read more about it by clicking here.


march book

Another graphic novel MUST is MARCH. March is a trilogy that tells the story of American statesman and civil rights leader John Lewis. It was written by John Lewis himself and graphic novelist Andrew Aydin. The trilogy traces the life of John Lewis from his childhood until 1965. A graphic novel that has received great approval, winning several awards such as Harvey Awards (second book – 2016), Eisner Award (second book – 2016 and third book – 2017) and National Book Award (third book – 2016) just to name a few. To find out more about this new graphic novel click here



To stay on the subject of civil rights, another graphic novel that cannot be ignored is “the life of Frederick Douglass” by David F. Walker. This graphic novel biography tells the story of Frederick Douglass and how his tenacity and strength allowed him to escape from the extreme brutality of slavery to fight for the civil rights of African Americans. 


palestine Joe Sacco

Joe Sacco’s Palestine is another must. This book describes the events and testimonies of the First Intifada that was about to end during Joe Sacco’s stay in Palestine. Actually in this list I should include many other books by Joe Sacco, such as “Paying the land” or “Footnotes in Gaza”. His journalistic style is unique, so I would say that among the non-fiction graphic novels there must be at least one book by Joe Sacco. If you want to read more about Palestine, click here.

Conclusion | Best non fiction Books of all Time

This list will be continuously updated to provide suggestions for new interesting and valuable readings.

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