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Palestine by Joe Sacco

palestine Joe Sacco

Palestine is a collection of nine issues of a comic book series from Joe Sacco. The author wrote it after spending two months in the winter of 1991-92 in parts of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip together with his friend, Japanese photographer Saburo.

This book describes events and testimonies from the First Intifada which was about to end during Joe Sacco’s stay in Palestine.

Palestine by joe sacco

Through dozens of interviews he describes the social and economical situation that Palestinians lived through, without missing the chance to sometimes show himself skeptical to some of the reported stories or also highlight funny customs common to Palestinians.

Winner of American Book Award in 1996, Palestine is considered one of the first historical nonfiction graphic novels. 

Definitely worth reading!

Palestine by Joe Sacco

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On the occasion of the release of the new graphic novel – Paying the Land – Joe Sacco gave a very interesting interview for FRANCE 24 English. Here the link to watch it and not miss the previews of Joe Sacco’s next work. 

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